Hopewell Township Municipal Office in York County

3336 Bridgeview Road
PO Box 429
Stewartstown, PA 17363

Phone: 717-993-2027
Fax: 717-993-5068

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday: 8AM to 4PM
Wednesday: Closed to the public
Thursday, Friday: 8AM to 4PM

Trash & Recycling

Trash Collection is on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Recycling collection is on Fridays.

Large item pick up is on Fridays for basic service customers.
Please secure your trash and recycling so that it does not litter the area.

32-gallon recycle containers are available for purchase at the Township building during normal business hours. Cost per container is $10.00. Cash, checks or credit cards payable to Hopewell Township are accepted.

96-gal. recycle carts are available by contacting Penn Waste 717-767-4456

96-gal. mobile carts are available for $9.00/Quarter. Only Penn Waste 96 gal. Mobile Carts will be serviced. To order a 96-gallon cart, call Penn Waste Inc. (717)767-4456.

How to Manage Residential Waste List

Please check the Penn Waste website for the Holiday pick up schedule. – www.pennwaste.com

New 2018 Recycle these items


Paint cans can be included with your regular trash after you have taken one of the following measures:
Dry out paint by removing the lid for several days prior to putting it in the trash
Fill paint can with sand OR cat litter.

 Visit York County Solid Waste Authority’s Website at www.ycswa.com for other recycling opportunities.


Eshbach Mulch will take your clean brush for $5.00 a truck load and $10.00 for a trailer load. No grass clippings or dirt. They are located at 299 Burgs Lane York, PA 17406. The phone number is (717) 252-4800 and their hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday- Friday


York County Solid Waste Authority currently conducts residential electronics recycling in the parking lot directly across from the York County Resource Recovery Center located at 2651 Blackbridge Road.  This free program is conducted every Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm and Saturday 8 am to noon.  For more information contact YCSWA at 717-845-1066.


You can donate an old car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, RV and even a boat to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by calling:  877-431-9474. They will pick it up from your property – http://pittsburgh.wheelsforwishes.org/

Vehicles for Veterans is a car donation and recycling program that benefits disabled veterans – http://www.vehiclesforveterans.org/

Veteran Car Donations accepts both working and non working vehicles to benefit veterans – https://www.veterancardonations.org/

Goodwill Car Donation, accepts tax-deductible vehicle donations to positively impact the community and make car removal much easier. – https://www.goodwillcardonation.org/

Kids Car Donations, accepts both working and non-working vehicles to provide assistance to children and teens who are confronted with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. – https://kidscardonations.org/

Kars4kids has decades of experience with helping people get unwanted cars off the streets (and unused boats out of the water). Proceeds fund educational and social welfare programs for children and young adults. – https://www.kars4kids.org/donate-car-pa.php


When it comes to recyclable material, it is easy to be fooled by which materials are recyclable and which are not. One of the easiest types of recyclable material to cause a hang up is aluminum. Please keep reading for more information on aluminum recycling.

Here at Penn Waste, we accept many different types of aluminum and metals curbside. Ranging all over your house, from you kitchen, bathroom and garage, aluminum and other metal products such as the ones listed below may be placed in your recycle bin, as long as they are cleaned thoroughly.

  • Hairspray cans
  • Air Freshener cans
  • Soda and Beer cans
  • Window Cleaner containers
  • Disinfectant Spray containers
  • Surface Cleaner containers
  • Bathroom Cleaner containers
  • Paint cans
  • WD-40 cans
  • Pet food cans
  • Bug Spray and fogger cans
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner cans
  • Static Guard containers
  • Shaving Cream cans
  • Spray Tan and Sun Screen containers
  • And Many More

Don’t be fooled by these items that we do not accept in our curbside recycling program:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scrap Metal
  • Metal Clothing Hangers

For a complete list of all of our acceptable and unacceptable recyclable material, please view our recycling guidelines.