Hopewell Township Municipal Office in York County

3336 Bridgeview Road
PO Box 429
Stewartstown, PA 17363

Phone: 717-993-2027
Fax: 717-993-5068

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday: 8AM to 4PM
Wednesday: Closed to the public
Thursday, Friday: 8AM to 4PM

Township Zoning Hearing Board Member Needed

The  Hopewell Township Zoning Hearing Board will have one vacant member position opening for the term of 1/1/2023 until 12/31/2025 (3 year appointed term). The zoning hearing board is a quasi-judicial agency of the Township that makes decisions regarding specific types of land use actions. The zoning board functions like a court, although formal court procedures are not necessarily required. The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code provides a specific set of rules that must be followed. If you live in Hopewell Township and are interested in being considered, please fill out a Volunteer Form and submit to the Township Office.

The Board of Supervisors would be considering any interested residents, and would be appointed by resolution at a future meeting of the Supervisors.

The zoning board hears requested:

  1. Special exceptions
  2. Variances
  3. Substantive challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance
  4. Challenges to the validity of a land use ordinance that raise procedural questions or allege defects in the process of enactment
  5. Appeals from zoning officer determination
  6. Appeals from a determination by municipal engineer or zoning officer on the administration of a floodplain ordinance
  7. Appeals from a determination of any officer or agency regarding a transfer of development rights
  8. Appeals from a zoning officer’s decision on a preliminary opinion
  9. Appeals from a determination of a zoning officer  municipal engineer on the administration of sedimentation and erosion control or stormwater management regulations